The 8 best exercises to strengthen your core muscles

When you mention the core, most people immediately think of the abs. And while they are the key muscle group in your core, you shouldn’t forget the importance of your lower back and hips.

Strong core

Your core is your center of gravity, and well-developed muscles will make it easier for you to move functionally in training and in your daily life. You may not realize it, but your core needs to be constantly contracted, whether it’s during exercise, cooking, or even sitting at the desk.

A strong, muscular core helps you prevent injury and perform better in your workout.

Do you have back pain? Strengthening your core muscles can help relieve that pain.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced exerciser, here are 10 exercises you can do without any equipment to build core strength.

  1. Hollowman

This is an isometric exercise, which means it doesn’t require any movement. But trust me, it is very effective. Be sure to keep your shoulders low and away from your ears, as well as keep your lower back glued to the floor.

  1. The plank

This is my favorite core exercise. In fact, I incorporate planks into every workout I do!

  1. The Bridge

Most people think the bridge exercise is good for the gluteal muscles and it is! But done correctly, with your hips steady and your lower abs tight, this exercise is also great for your entire core.

  1. Superman Pull

This move targets the lower back. It’s important to know that most lower back pain is related to underdeveloped (and therefore lower back) muscles. If this variation of the superman pull is too difficult, just lift your arms and legs off the floor without bending your arms back.

  1. V-Ups

Real V-ups are very difficult to do and not suitable for beginners. In order to practice this, you can start by doing single leg variations. And once you master the V-ups, try holding a medicine ball in your hands to add a little difficulty.

  1. V-Sit

Try to hold this position as long as possible without shaking! If stretching your legs is too difficult, bend your knees until your core is stronger. As with the Hollowman exercise (and all core exercises), make sure to keep your ears low, away from your shoulders.

  1. Cross Knee Plank

Already mastered this move? Try doing it more slowly! Inhale and exhale all the air in your lungs as you bring your knee toward the opposite elbow. Try to get as close as possible and target the outside of the elbow.

  1. Leg Lifts

This movement should not cause any pain in your lower back. If it does, place your hands under your lower back for support or don’t lower your legs so close to the floor. This exercise is meant to work your core, not cause pain. So always listen carefully to the signals your body sends you.

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