5 things to know about becoming a professional MMA fighter

1 – Find the right MMA gym and a good team

That is to say, an academy where you feel good. A place where the group has good energy and where the coaches are experienced, educational. A gym where you learn in a good working atmosphere, without tyranny, where everyone leaves their ego in the locker room. It is important that their objective is to train professional fighters, that they themselves are trained for this with the human and material means to achieve it. Question of logistics: two pieces of training per day are to be planned with the gym on the side. Define your objectives with your coach in order to be as efficient as possible.

2 – Train daily, be disciplined

Consistency in your work is what will make the difference whether you are talented or not. To be a high level fighter in MMA, you must master the 3 axes of combat: foot-fist boxing, wrestling and ground fighting. Add to this a physical preparation according to the style of fighting in which you will be most comfortable and according to your upcoming fights.

3 – Challenge yourself

To progress in combat sports, it is important to gain experience in fighting. As soon as you can, prepare yourself for the competition. Start with amateur MMA competitions, but you can also test yourself in other disciplines that are complementary: Brazilian Jiujitsu, English boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, grappling… The goal is to prepare yourself as well as possible for the sensations of an MMA fight. Depending on your progress and your results, your coach will give you the opportunity to make your first professional fight.

4 – Manage your MMA career

To get into a large MMA organization, it is important to manage your career well. All the professional fights are listed on a site called Sherdog. The “match makers” use this ranking to select fighters and organize the fights. The goal is to have more wins than losses but not only. They also analyze the fight (who you fought against and how the fight ended). So the more wins you have against more experienced or equal fighters and that you win before the limit, by KO or submission; the more interesting your “cartel” is for the promoters. To know that to get into a big organization it’s better not to have many defeats.

5 – Be patient

The path between the moment you start and the moment you become a professional fighter is long and requires a lot of work: personal dedication, and maintaining a healthy and balanced life. It is important to learn about your strengths and weaknesses, optimize your strengths and improve your weaknesses. I think it is important to find your style when you get to a certain level. All fighters are technical, physically strong and have experience. What makes the difference is then to have your own game, your specialty of course, while being as complete as possible.

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