Adele in a weight loss journey

Diva Adele’s Weight Loss Journey With The Sirtfood Diet

No one could miss the impressive weight loss of singer Adele. But to achieve this, the celebrity used a method that was certainly effective, but not very recommended. We are not recommending a diet here and we do not advocate losing weight at all costs. We only wish to enlighten you on this new fashionable diet, which can be tempting for people who want to lose weight or simply be informed. It is obvious that beauty and self-acceptance have nothing to do with height or weight. And generally speaking, “trendy” diets are far from being the best for health.

The Sirtfood diet dedication

Having said that, let’s talk about the famous Sirtfood diet, alias the fashionable diet of the moment, long sold as “the diet of the greedy”, adopted by Adele. She wasn’t feeling well. “She knew she had to change something, to become the healthiest mother she could be,” an anonymous source close to singer Adele told the American Magazine People. So all she could think about was turning her body into a temple, taming her excesses, and even removing them from her life. Result? 45 kilos less on the scale. This is the confession the singer herself made to a fan in early January while they were chatting on a Caribbean beach. A cliché that has gone around the world, as we can.

Adele: The DIVA

Impressive weight loss

“Her goal throughout the weight loss journey has really been to learn how to be healthier and how to treat her body better,” she told People the singer’s close friend. This awareness took place in 2016, but it wasn’t until 2019 that her transformation really took place. A pivotal year in which she separated from her husband, entrepreneur Simon Konecki, after 7 years of love; was last April. From then on, the 31-year-old artist, mother of a little Angelo, took her problem head-on and solved it.

The principles of Sirtfood Diet

Adopting the Sirtfood diet is both simple and complex. The goal is to eat only superfoods, rich in sirtuins, a family of enzymes that has 7 members (SIRT1, SIRT2… up to SIRT7). Enzymes which, according to the authors of this diet Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, would strengthen the immune system, protect against neurodegenerative diseases, and act against cellular aging.

The Sirtfood diet is divided into two phases. The first one lasts seven days: three during which the daily calorie intake cannot exceed 1,000 calories (remember that on average 1,200 calories are needed for very sedentary people who do not practice any sport or physical activity), drinking three juices and eating a complete meal rich in superfoods; the next four during which the calorie intake is increased to 1,500, with only two juices but two complete meals. Then comes the second phase, which lasts 14 days and includes a daily Sirtfood meal and three juices. A method to be repeated as many times as you wish, until you reach your weight loss goal.

An example of sirtfood diet

What do you eat on a Sirtfood diet

Sirtuins can be found in dark chocolate (from 85%) as well as in red wine, but not only. This enzyme is also found in buckwheat, celery, capers, coffee, extra virgin olive oil, green tea, kale, dates, parsley, red chicory, red onion, arugula, soy, strawberries, apples, turmeric, and nuts. Thus, the SirtFood diet would allow you to lose an average of 3 kg in one week. At least that’s what the authors promise.

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And no wonder! If, in fact, “Adele likes her physical transformation, feels more confident, dresses differently and just seem happier overall,” concludes the source close to the singer, the Sirtfood diet is far from convincing nutrition experts. Because there is no scientific evidence that the famous enzymes actually contribute to weight loss, and what’s more, weight loss is too rapid and, according to them, can lead to loss of muscle mass and fatigue. In addition, the SirtFood diet contains too few complex carbohydrates, protein, calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3. Is the SirtFood diet a trap that inexorably leads us to the yo-yo effect? Maybe it is. Because as we know, behind every new “revolutionary” diet is clever marketing. It means you need to be careful.

Sirt Tuna Pasta with Mozzarella

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