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All you need to know about the Apple Fitness Plus (+)

Apple has been focusing on fitness for some time, but so far it has only been really interested in getting you to do it yourself via Apple Watch. Now, with the future of subscription-based fitness, Apple has launched Fitness Plus. It’s a collection of interactive fitness classes that encourage you to exercise with the help of a team of trainers in a variety of disciplines. It’s all linked to your Apple Watch and a monthly subscription.

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Cost of Fitness Plus

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The Apple fitness plus service costs just under $10 per month. It’s $80 if you pay for a year, which is about $6.6 per month. For this subscription cost, six people can use the service. That’s a little over $1 per person. The fitness plus service is also included in the apple one premier package which costs about $30 per month. It offers apple TV plus, Apple Music, Apple News Plus, Apple Arcade and 2 terabytes of iClouds storage.

The cost of the subscription doesn’t really seem to be as high as other digital fitness services on the market. Peloton and other services cost about the same or even more.  The fitness plus service offers videos that you can watch through the fitness app on your iPhone, Apple TV or iPad. On the iPhone, there is an application known as the activity application that will now be replaced by the Fitness application. And this will be a novelty for the iPad and Apple TV.

Features of Fitness Plus

When you follow the video routines on Fitness Plus, your movements, calories burned, workout duration, heart rate, etc. are tracked by the apple watch. You can view workout statistics on the Apple Watch and all your information is accessible in real time on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. This is a very useful function because it saves you from looking at your watch every time you want to check the progress of your workout.

A window in the corner of the fitness plus interface displays the fitness statistics synchronized with your Apple watch. Every time you take an important step, an animation appears on your screen to help keep you motivated. To give you a better boost, your fitness plus screen has a burn bar that shows how you compare with people who do the same workout as you. There is also a countdown timer that shows how much time is left in a particular workout interval.

To start a workout, you must go to the “Fitness plus” section of the fitness application on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. As soon as you start a workout another device, the same workout will automatically start in your Apple watch. And the results of the workout are sent in real time to the screen you choose to view it on.

Workouts available with Fitness +

The training categories you can choose from include treadmill running, treadmill walking, rowing, hit cycling, dance, basic exercises, strength training (CHECK OUR ARTICLE ABOUT STRENGTH WORKOUT), yoga and mental relaxation. Most training options require no special equipment. However, rowing, treadmill and related exercises and cycling will require compatible exercise equipment. Other than that, yoga workouts require only a yoga mat. Then, some strength exercises require dumbbells. The Fitness Plus exercises have been designed so that they can be performed from your home, a hotel room park or literally anywhere else. But if you don’t have a treadmill or bike at home, you can also do the exercises from your gym. All you need is a connection to your Apple Watch.

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So, the best part of the Fitness Plus application is that whether you are an absolute beginner or a professional athlete, the training programs have something to offer at all skill levels. The best part is that each workout can be modified depending on whether you are a beginner or an expert. Choosing the length of your workout is an interesting feature because it allows you to be flexible and train quickly whenever you have free time. Anyone who enjoys working out will agree that no workout is complete without music.

The fitness plus videos are made up of songs from the apple music application. You can listen to these songs during your workouts even if you don’t have a subscription to apple music separately. If you have a subscription, you have the option to download the fitness plus playlists. You can listen to them later outside of workouts. You can also choose the type of music you want to listen to during each of your workouts. So, they are fully customized to your preferences and you can enjoy them to the fullest.

Visual Management by Fitness Plus

Once you have completed a particular fitness program, your TV or iPad screen will show you a summary of the workout settings. For example, the number of calories burned throughout the workout, average heart rate, and many other parameters. Apple has a special team of fitness trainers who produce the fitness plus videos. Fitness Plus add new workouts every week so you always have something fresh to do. The fitness app is not just a collection of fitness related videos, it is much smarter than that. It provides you with smart video recommendations customized to the type of things you usually do with your fitness app.

In addition to workout suggestions, it also offers you trainers based on the type of music and type of workout. In terms of device compatibility, the service is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and higher. With watchOS 7 and you need to have an iPhone 6 or higher with at least one iOS 14. If you want to use the service on your iPad or TV, you need to equip it with iOS 14 or higher. When you decide to purchase an Apple Watch series 3 or higher, you get a free trial of the fitness plus service for 3 months.

Overall, the app seems to be a good option for people who like to work out at home. They can avoid contact with people in gyms. With all the features it offers, the incredibly reasonable subscription cost of only 6,5$/ month for six people. The offer could not have been better. It’s a must for all fitness enthusiasts. You won’t regret switching to the Apple Fitness Plus service if you already use other digital training services.

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