8 Myths About sport and nutrition.

We all began our adventure in sport somewhere, and we have all been victims of certain myths about sport and nutrition. Some of them sold us dreams by making us believe that certain situations were possible, and others traumatized us by making us believe the complete opposite. So I come back to some of the stories about sport and food, to bring down those curtains of lies and ridicule that we are served up on silver platters.

Myth 01: Fat turns into muscle

Another myth in bodybuilding is the transformation of fat into muscle. I think this myth was born out of the idea that by doing weight training with a fairly high fat content, you can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. But this notion has taken a whole new twist by letting people believe that fat simply becomes muscle.

So, fat does not become muscle because it is two different tissues (fat and muscle). When we practice a muscle-style sport activity, our body burns a certain number of calories from the sugar in our blood, once this stock is depleted, the body draws its energy from fat. If the body is in caloric deficit (calories below our maintenance quota); the body will still draw part of its energy from fat to repair muscle tissue and thus build muscle. This means that we will have burned fat to build muscle.

Myth 02: Women who build muscle end up looking like men.

Who has never had the right to this reflection, that a woman should not practice bodybuilding; under the pretext that she would end up looking like a man? The woman will never be able to look like a man because she is simply not a MAN. Men and women differ in many ways. Snd the one that plays a big role in building muscle is the male hormone, known as Testosterone. The woman also has some but in small quantities. So she will never be able to reach the male muscle mass unless she injects Testosterone into her body. And then it doesn’t become natural, it becomes doping.

Myth 03: You can change your morphology with bodybuilding.

When we talk about morphology, we are talking about the shape of the bones. Some people are formed in Pear (A-shaped), others in Inverted Triangle(V), Rectangle(H), Hourglass (8), and many others. For example, if you’re V-shaped, it’s because your shoulders are wider than your pelvis and your hips. You’ve probably had this urge to widen your hips to balance all that. Unfortunately, not everything about bones is really changeable. The only things you can ‘play’ within a way are fat and muscle.

If you have an A-shaped morphology and you want to widen your upper body, you can work on the width of your back. You can do it by developing its muscle mass. Thus you have a slightly wider upper body. We will have worked here on the muscles and not on the bones. But not all situations are feasible, unfortunately. As in the case of H’s who want to be 8’s, the waist is less marked because of the morphology of your ribs. So unless you’re going to file your ribs there’s not much to do.

Myth 04: You can target fat loss only in sport.

The body is not a robot with a remote control that you can operate as you like. You ask it to lose belly, arms, take buttocks, breasts, etc. Our body stores fat by areas, which we call fat storage areas; these can be the stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs, arms, breasts, back, etc. Each person has an area that is more conducive to fat storage, which will store the fat first. Obviously the fatter we take in, the more the other parts of our body will also be affected.

But the problem that arises is the destocking of fat, ok the belly for example stores fat first, but don’t believe that it will be the first to destocking, of course not, it would be too easy otherwise! Storage/unstocking works in FILO, which means First IN Last OUT, which means that the first area to be stored will be the last to restore its fat. This is a bit the reason why many of you lose weight, find yourself skinny all over, but still have that belly that won’t go away.

So when you want to lose thighs, arms, back, cheeks, or any other part of the body, you will have to proceed by a weight loss to lose weight in general, and thus lose progressively on the area you want, even if you will surely have to lose on other areas that you don’t especially want, eh yes you can’t have everything in life!

Myth 05: You can increase the volume of your breasts by doing weight training.

Another BIG myth about bodybuilding/sport is that you can increase breast volume through bodybuilding. Sorry to disappoint you again, but this is not possible. The reason is that the breast is composed mostly of adipose tissue, which has the role of storing fat. This is why when you put on weight, your breasts generally increase in volume. And when you lose weight, they also decrease. Without forgetting the genetic factor that plays the biggest role here. So how do you want to increase the volume of your breasts if they don’t have muscles? For people who will say that there are pectorals under the chest, certainly, there are pectorals, but these muscles are not in the chest but under the chest. By developing the pectorals, we tone up the chest, giving us an impression of a more toned, more sustained, less drooping chest, but in no case do they increase their volume.\

Myth 06: We can look like our models if we work properly.

Still in the continuation of the previous point, what we believe a little too often is that it is enough to have a goal, or rather to see the silhouette of our favorite fit girl on Instagram and to fix our body as a goal to reach absolutely to be able to reach them! Once again your body is neither a robot nor a sculpture that you will sculpt as you wish. We all have a unique morphology, which means that each body is unique.

You may drool over Jenifer Lopez’s body, but sorry you have a 0.00000 % chance of looking 100% like her. If you have some similarities in morphology you might be able to get a little bit closer. But don’t think you can look like anybody you like. WARNING: I’m not saying that you can’t have a beautiful body. On the contrary, each body is unique, and each body is beautiful in its own way. I’m just saying that we can’t all look alike. (Check out proper workout by reading this article: CLICK HERE)

So I advise you to set as a goal to be the best version of yourself through sport (yes the sentence that we read everywhere), for example, having more muscular arms, legs more drawn, etc. (let your desires express themselves), but don’t go and hang a picture of a body in your room that you will never reach. Chances are you’ll get better results, but you’ll never realize it because you’ve set other goals for yourself, so you feel like you’re failing while you’re on the right track.

Myth 07: Dietary supplements are enough to get good results.

Sports Supplements

You just need to take a Whey shaker and the results are guaranteed. It is another myth. Above all, you should always think about your health, not just your physique. While a Whey shaker may give you a few grams of protein, the human body is not just made up of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. It also needs fiber, vitamins, and minerals. So if you rely only on your shakers you risk causing serious deficiencies in your body.

For the physical aspect, taking Whey alone is not enough to build muscle. You obviously have to work hard at the gym and make your muscles suffer to create lesions in the muscle fibers. You will end up rebuilding them in part thanks to proteins. If you don’t work properly at the gym, it’s like pouring your shaker down the toilet directly.

So food supplements are as their name suggests only supplements, and are there to supplement your diet, not replace it.

Myth 08: You can afford to eat any way you want when you play sports and get the results you want.

Another misconception is that you can achieve all of your goals without proper nutrition. Whether you have weight loss or weight gain goals, there are a number of rules to follow to achieve them. Some of which are more important than others, such as the quality of the food you eat every day. For example, if we are talking about weight gain in sport, the muscles need a certain amount of protein per day. Thus, you can rebuild the muscle fibers destroyed during the workout.

If you spend your time eating pasta, french fries, and other foods without providing a quality source of protein, your muscle won’t rebuild itself. So all your efforts in the gym will be in vain, and that’s too bad for you. The same goes for weight loss. I have seen many girls go to the gym, believing that they have all the chances on their side to lose weight. However, next door they keep the same bad eating habits. Therefore they never see their efforts rewarded and end up giving up everything. And that’s all very unfortunate! Sport is good, but accompanying it with a good diet is better.

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